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Art Background

I hold a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Studies (NSU/ODU), and I’ve attend conferences and workshops (Highlights, Writer’s Digest, SCBWI etc.) which has helped me with my craft. Over the years I’ve taught preschool to college level students and currently volunteer helping others achieve their art goals.


Upon request.

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Pricing for giclee prints

Printed on 100% acid free rag paper using professional grade inks. Prints are 8.5" x 11" and cost $15. Apple Pay accepted.

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Pricing on Original Watercolor Personalized Names

Created on Arches 100% rag watercolor paper, each illustrations reflects the individual's interests. Client must complete questionnaire prior to acceptance of order and confirmation of pricing. Majority of illustrations are priced at $90. Paper size is 12"x 16".

Apple Pay accepted upon confirmation of estimate.

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Community Involvement

Currently I volunteer assisting others with community related projects and art lessons.  I'm also able to donate artwork for fundraising purposes. Check out my photo gallery.

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Origins of doggie bag studio

Meet COSMO! The Amazing Boston Terrier

Cosmo was the most AMAZING dog I knew. He passed away in 2007, at the age of 9. In memory of him, I created a whole series of drawings. These are my 'doodles' below and the first images I added to my website.


Penny and Pink are litter mates. We got them in 2010. They make us laugh all the time with their sisterly behavior. Penny is the dominate one. Pink likes to sunbathe. Some of my other drawings are from my experiences with them.


If you have a special pet and would like an illustration or painting of them, please let me know!

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I've include some of my favorite doggie photos of Penny and Pink  for you to see, along with my many doodles. As you can see, I LOVE BOSTON TERRIERS!

Shown: Penny and Pink Birth Announcement.

Special Delivery: Penny and Pink! I used permanent ink and professional watercolors on Bristol paper

Special Delivery: Penny and Pink! I used permanent ink and professional watercolors on Bristol paper